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Williamsport Scottish Rite Foundation

The purpose of the Williamsport Scottish Rite Foundation is to operate the building complex at 348 Market St, Williamsport, or such other real estate in order to preserve the historic buildings for posterity, provide a place for public gatherings and events, provide a place for the support of education, provide a place for the repository and display of local artifacts, provide a fund to maintain and operate the building complex, and provide charitable acts and relief as determined necessary.

Century Club

The Williamsport Scottish Rite Foundation “Century Club” was created to establish an Endowment Fund to perpetuate Scottish Rite Masonry in the Valley of Williamsport.  Those pictured with this article are members of the “Century Club.”  They have pledged $1,000 per year for 10 years in an effort to create a base for the Endowment Fund.  Any member interested in also becoming a member of the “Century Club” may do so by contacting the office.  All monies contributed to the Endowment Fund will be invested, and only the income from those contributions will be used for expenses.