These are the questions that we get the most often with regard to both membership and event rentals…

Do I have to be a member in order to rent event space?

No, anyone can rent event space in our buildings.

Where do you park for events at the Scottish Rite?

There is public parking available on the one-way streets surrounding the buildings. There is also a metered parking lot at the library just around the corner. There is no meter enforcement on the weekends.

map for parking

Do you also run the Hatchet House?

No, that business is independent of our Fraternal Organizations.

Which door do I go into for the different event areas?

2 main entrances marked
4th street entrance

For events in the Scottish Rite auditorium (1), please enter through the double doors on Market Street under the marquee sign.

Auditorium doors
Acacia Club

For events at the Acacia Club (2), there is a separate door on Market Street. Look for the red awning.

Acacia Club entrance
Fourth Street pizza parlor

For events at the Howard Memorial Cathedral (3), please use the entrance on 4th Street next to the pizza shop. 4th Street is one way, so you can park right in front at the meters.

stone lions Fourth Street entrance

Is alcohol permitted during rental functions?

You can come to an arrangement directly with our in-house caterers, The Food Guy Catering, and supply your own alcohol with their staff acting as bartenders. OR, you can come to a cash bar arrangement with a local restaurant with an authorized off-site bartending license.

Are candles or any other open flame items permitted during rental functions if used in proper containers?

No free open flames are permitted. The only candles permitted are those that are fully surrounded by a glass or metal vessel.

Why should a Mason join the Scottish Rite?

To continue on and enhance their Masonic Journey.

What is the difference between the Scottish Rite and the York Rite?

Scottish Rites refer to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite conferred to Freemasonry members in the United States, while York Rite refers to a collection Masonic degrees conferred separately in the city of York, where the first meetings of the Masons in England took place.

Why are there different organizations at different degree levels?

The 29 Scottish Rite degrees are organized into four bodies. Each body is an independent organization that governs its corresponding set of degrees. In the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, the bodies are:

Lodge of Perfection (4th – 14th)

Council of Princes of Jerusalem (15th – 16th)

Chapter of Rose Croix (17th – 18th)

Consistory (19th – 32nd)

How many different organizations are in this building?

The Williamsport Valley of AASR consists of the four bodies: Lodge of Perfection; Council of the Princes of Jerusalem; Chapter of Rose Croix; and Consistory.

May I come and visit a meeting?

No, meeting attendance is limited to initiated members only. You can qualify for membership after achieving the Master Mason degree in a Masonic Lodge.

What are the Core Values of Scottish Rite?

Scottish Rite Freemasonry is guided by six Core Values:

Reverence for God | Integrity | Justice | Tolerance
Service to Humanity | Devotion to Country

Collectively, the Core Values represent our guide stars for our dealings within Freemasonry and outside the fraternity.